Wayne Goodwin Reelected as Chairman in 2019 NC Democratic Party Election

Wayne Goodwin Reelected as Chairman in 2019 NC Democratic Party Election | www.mckissickfornc.org

Today I had the privilege and honor of nominating Wayne Goodwin to serve a second term as Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Wayne has a distinguished political career having served 8 years as a member of the NC House as well as 8 years as our State’s Insurance Commissioner, and during that time he kept insurance rates among the lowest in our country for consumers. This year as the current Chairman of the NCDP, he helped us win 10 new seats in the NC House and 6 new seats in the NC Senate breaking the Republican super-majority. We also elected Democrats for to statewide judgeship’s. He has provided energetic leadership to the big tent that includes a diverse group of Democrats from across our state. I would like to congratulate Wayne Goodwin on his reelection as the Chairman; our new First Vice Chair, former Representative Bobbie Richardson; Matt Hughes, our Second Vice Chair; Nida Aziz Allam our Third Vice Chair and the legendary Melvin Williams as our Secretary.

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Redistricting Conference to End Gerrymandering at Duke University

Senator McKissick attends Redistricting Conference at Duke University to discuss steps to end gerrymandering in North Carolina - www.mckissickfornc.org

Senator McKissick attends Redistricting Conference at Duke University to discuss steps to end gerrymandering in North Carolina

Today, I had the pleasure of attending a conference held at Duke University where the focus of discussion related to redistricting reform and working towards ending gerrymandering. This two-day conference will end tomorrow and it is cosponsored by the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke’s Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service (POLIS), and by Common Cause. The event features panels of distinguished leaders from across the United States which will share their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives relating to redistricting and ending gerrymandering. I’d like to thank all of those who are associated with hosting this event, in particular, I’d like to thank Bob Phillips, Jane Pinsky, Michael Li, Kareem Crayton, Allison Riggs, Eddie Speas, and many others who participated in this event. I look forward to reviewing their recommendations.

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Reception Hosted by the NC Scholars Strategy Network

A reception hosted by the NC Scholars Strategy Network bringing together lawmakers, researchers, and students to discuss public policy initiatives.

I’d like to thank the NC Scholars Strategy Network for hosting a wonderful networking event in Raleigh this past week that brought together scholars and researchers from across our state with legislators and other policymakers to discuss how we could partner together to conduct research and to craft good public policies on behalf of our state. This wonderful, energetic group of scholars was passionate, committed, and interested in serving as a critical resource for quantitative data that can be used to support and craft good public policies. I would like to thank all of the distinguished scholars who came together for this wonderful event, but in particular Dr. Natalie Hengstebeck, Dr. Deondra Rose, and Dr. Lindsey Hanes-Maslow.

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Durham Christmas Parade 2018

A fun day full of holiday spirit at the Durham Christmas Parade 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed, and I was thrilled to participate today in Durham’s Christmas Parade. Even though this was my fourth parade this year, it was my first occasion to see and speak to Santa and to thank him for all he has done to bring joy and happiness to the lives of others. I also provided him with my Wish List for this year, which included the repeal of legislation recently passed by the NC General Assembly. I have let him know that we need to finally expand Medicaid, also, to adequately fund our education system as well as more funds to protect our environment and to pass legislation related to animal welfare. I am thoroughly pleased that Durham has brought back and continued its Holiday parade in recent years I only wish that they had far more liberal policies allowing people like me to pass on candy to the kids.

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NC Free Enterprise Luncheon at the Angus Barn

Senator McKissick speaks on the importance of bipartisan cooperation at a luncheon hosted by the NC Free Enterprise Foundation

Today, I had the privilege of speaking at a luncheon held by the NC Free Enterprise Foundation to share my thoughts and perspectives on the future direction of our state and of the NC General Assembly as we move towards a new year. The other speakers for this event were Governor Roy Cooper, Speaker of the House Tim Moore, Phil Berger, the President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, as well as Rep. Darren Jackson, Minority Leader in the NC House. Among the issues I addressed was the need for us to collaboratively develop policies, pass legislation, and to make appropriations which would invest in our state’s educational infrastructure as well as our physical infrastructure.
Most importantly, we must work in a bipartisan and cooperative manner for the good of our state, regardless of whether we are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. We must also chart a course for our state which addresses the urban-rural divide which has emerged between our state’s most prosperous areas, and those areas which have become economically challenged. Furthermore, we must ensure that broadband connectivity is expanded to every community in our state if we want these communities to grow, thrive, prosper, and to attract new jobs and development. In addition, it is past time for NC to expand Medicaid to provide desperately needed medical services to those who do not have them today. Currently, over 37 states have approved Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and NC is now an outlier in its failure to do so. Hopefully, in the year ahead, now that the Republicans no longer hold a veto-proof majority in the General Assembly, there will be a greater willingness to work together to face these challenges.

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The 2018 Hillsborough Christmas Parade

Yesterday, I had a great time participating in the Christmas Parade sponsored by the Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce in Downtown Hillsborough. The thing I love about this parade is that the streets are lined with people of all ages, particularly children, who are absolutely thrilled, excited, and anxiously anticipating the arrival of marching bands, dance groups, floats, and, of course, Santa Clause. This year, the Grand Marshal was Tisha Powell, who is a News Anchor for WTVD who is always visible and active in all of the communities in the Triangle. If you’ve not had a chance to attend Hillsborough’s Parade, then please be certain to check it out next year. I’d also like to thank Kim Tesoro of the Chamber of Commerce for her leadership in organizing this event.

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The Union Baptist Church Holiday Expo 2018

I’d like to thank my dear friend Eldner Lovette Arrington Degraffenreidt who, once again, did an exceptional job in organizing Union Baptist Church’s Holiday Expo. Each and every year, there are more and more people of all ages who attend this special event which brings together merchants and entrepreneurs from across Durham as well as others who sponsor exhibits for young and old alike to enjoy during the holiday season. I particularly enjoyed a group of young students from Global Scholars Academy, which is operated by Union Baptist Church Durham, who were warmly received by those attending this special event. I was given the honor of announcing a raffle ticket winner as I have during this event on occasions in the past. I hope that Union Baptist will continue to sponsor this event which provides us with an opportunity to support local businesses as well as an opportunity to share the joy of this holiday season.

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The 42nd Annual Conference of National Black Caucus of State Legislators

Senator McKissick attends the 42 Annual Conference of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators in New York.

This past week, in addition to attending a Special Session of the North Carolina General Assembly where the Senate adopted new laws to implement our state’s voter ID laws, I also traveled to New York for the Annual Conference of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL). I have been an active member of this organization for well over a decade, and I serve as Chairman of the organization’s Rules Committee.
This year, the Rule’s Committee spent hours reviewing and discussing over 35 policy resolutions which were placed before members of the organization for debate, discussion, and adoption. In addition, model legislation which had been sponsored and adopted by our members in their respective states was provided to our members who may have an interest in introducing the legislation in their own states. I was awful afraid that I might not make this year’s conference where I was scheduled to preside as Rule’s Chair over two sessions as a result of the General Assembly being in session. Fortunately, I was able to catch a flight that allowed me to honor both of my commitments which allowed me to see and learn from fellow legislators from over 30 states which attended this conference. After one long day at the conference, we were invited to Ellis Island for an evening reception. Also, during the conference, I was able to spend time with and catch up with my dear friend Rev. Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr. of the National Newspaper Publishers Association who I had not seen in quite some time. I’d like to thank all of the staff as well as my colleagues that made this conference a special occasion.

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Enjoying the Charlotte Thanksgiving Parade with Family

Yesterday morning, I started my day around 5:20 am driving to Charlotte to see my granddaughter Alexis participate with other Girl Scouts from Charlotte in the Thanksgiving Holiday Parade. I arrived in the nick of time, and thanks to the help of my son Floyd, I found a great spot to enjoy the parade. Before it began, a friend and a local police officer noticed me in attendance and asked me to join other elected officials participating in the parade, and, while I was tempted to for a minute, I quickly reminded myself that the purpose for coming to Charlotte was to see my granddaughter in the parade, and not to join the procession. I did see Senator Joyce Waddell, Senator Jeff Jackson, and Rep. Mary Belk greeting those along the parade route, however, I waited patiently to see my granddaughter, Alexis, and it was worth the wait. She was so excited to be in the parade with her mother, my daughter, Alicia, and she seemed even more excited to know that I was in attendance. They had a great parade in Charlotte that really celebrated the excitement and diversity of our state’s largest city. After the parade, I joined my daughter, Alicia, my son, Floyd, and other family for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter’s home. However, before dinner, Alexis insisted that I join her in playing five games including Uno, Operation, as well as our tradition of enjoying her Barbie dolls and other toys. Of course, along the way, we enjoyed traditional and classic McKissick humor. I was surprised that my kids had a birthday cake for me since my birthday was the day before, and I was actually thinking that it was one of the few years that I didn’t have a cake. Well, they solved that problem. All-in-all, it was a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

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Granville Health System Foundation’s 10th Annual Art Gala

It was my pleasure this past Saturday evening to attend the 10th Annual Art Gala sponsored by the Granville Health System Foundation to support the Granville Health System’s Hospital in Oxford, NC. Mr. John Snow has gotten off to a great start as the new CEO for the hospital. I’ve had the pleasure of assisting Granville Health Systems and advocating on their behalf on a number of significant issues over the last 8 years. I’d also like to thank Mr. Scott Thomas, Administrative Director of Communications and Human Resources, Jason Brand, MHA, M.Ed., Administrative Director of Emergency Medicine, and Cristina Carroll, Chief Operating Officer for the exceptional work which they have performed on behalf of Granville Health Systems to assist this institution in serving the community. More importantly, I’d like to thank all of those who donated funds to support this wonderful fundraising benefit.

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